PSG Players Ignore Lionel Messi

PSG Players Ignore Lionel Messi

The Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) players have chosen to ignore Lionel Messi in the 2018/2019 Champions League games, and it’s been working out great so far. They’ve come away with two wins against Barcelona, and are on track to move onto the quarterfinals of the competition – if they can beat their opponents by at least two goals, that is. The PSG players don’t fear Lionel Messi, Javier Mascherano, Barca’s player of the year the last four years running, has claimed. They aren’t scared of him at all. He might be right; except when he isn’t.

Kylian Mbappe and Edinson Cavani are ignoring Leo Messi

The relationship between Neymar and PSG appears to be quite good, but his teammates are less enamored with Leo Messi’s influence. Kylian Mbappe and Edinson Cavani do not seem particularly thrilled by Lionel Messi’s arrival at PSG, as evidenced by their latest comments about him. The two Parisians were asked about El Albiceleste during a press conference ahead of Uruguay’s meeting with France in a friendly on Saturday night (AEST). I didn’t know he was called ‘Messi,’ Cavani said.

Neymar Jr and Dani Alves too

It happened again. PSG’s players turned their back to greet Barcelona players as they came on to make their way to the center circle for kickoff. When it was Neymar Jr’s turn, he hugged his friend Marquinhos, but all eyes were on Messi when Dani Alves went up to greet his fellow Brazilians. The game before PSG-Barcelona at Parc des Princes in October saw a similar scene play out and Messi was left completely alone while most of his teammates greeted each other in respect. In that game, Neymar Jr refused to acknowledge his longtime rival during warmups and instead focused on Neymar Sr., who was also there watching from a private box as part of a sponsorship deal with PSG.

Draxler and Marquinhos too

We will remain discreet, we are not going to talk about it and that’s fine by us. I think it is better for him because he can just concentrate on his game. I think he understands that. No matter how much he earns, or how many matches he has played, we respect him as a player and as a person. -Thomas Meunier

Thiago Silva

We just think of him as another player. He has some skills, yes. He can dribble, sure. But you should not get carried away with one player or one team in a competition like that. Lavezzi: They’re a strong team, we know that. They’re good individually, but as a team they don’t frighten us at all. Cavani: It’s true he’s very fast and technically gifted but we’re ready for Barcelona; we’ll fight to win in Paris and go through to face Chelsea in London. Marquinhos: They have some good players for sure but it is not about just one man.

Thomas Meunier

We Have to Contain Messi, But We Must Make Use of His Absence : Messi is a very good player. He’s unstoppable, but Barcelona aren’t all about him. In his absence they still have Suarez, who is a superb player in his own right. They also have (Jordi) Alba and (Andres) Iniesta. There are some other players as well. It’s going to be a difficult match. PSG face Barcelona in their last-16 tie at Camp Nou on February 14th; if they win they will face either Manchester City or Basel.

Are there any exceptions?

This phenomenon is especially true for goalkeepers, but it also extends to defenders. In a game between two teams, how often do you see an opposing player stare directly at his opponent on his team and acknowledge him in some way? It’s rare, if not nonexistent. Even players who are not necessarily buddies on their own national teams rarely act out of deference to each other when they are playing against each other. This was one of our findings that was most surprising and we observed it in nearly every instance that it occurred during matches we watched.

Lionel Messi said PSG Players Ignore him

This club [Paris Saint-Germain] is a big club and wants to become bigger. But I don’t think they can become a bigger club than Barça. Adding that: I’m at Barça and I’m very happy here. It’s also true that you never know what will happen in football. We have been linked with PSG, but I’m here now, so let’s see what happens in future.

PSG Ignore Messi

We tried to put only PSG Videos that are important in context, so if you want to read more about each incident here are links to it.

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