How much money does EA Sports make from FIFA & Ultimate Team?

EA Sports make from FIFA & Ultimate Team

Well Every year, EA Sports to the games millions of video game fans each year buy and play FIFA and spend even more money on in-game add-ons through Ultimate Team
FIFA is the biggest football game on the planet and is one of the most popular video games of any genre on all consoles as well as on PC/Xbox/PS5.

EA Sports make from FIFA & Ultimate Team
EA Sports make from FIFA & Ultimate Team

As a result, it makes billions of dollars each year for publisher EA. With much of that income derived from FIFA Ultimate Team game mode.

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How much money does EA Sports to the games make every year from FIFA?

In its yearly report, EA Sports confirmed that it made $1.6+ billion from game sales from April 2020 to March 2023.
That amount was dwarfed by their “Live Services and Other” income which amounted to $4bn+ over the same 12 months.

The Live Services includes income from additional in-game add-ons such as The Ultimate Team. Which is the world most popular game mode in FIFA.

The yearly report does not give exact figures for each video game. But confirms in the statement that “FIFA 21 has more than 25+ million consoles/PC/PS players”. While “FIFA Ultimate Team players grew 16% year over year and FUT matches were up 180%.”

How much money does Ultimate Team are make?

In its yearly report for 2020, EA Sports confirmed that Ultimate Team made more than $1.62bn+ (£1.15bn).

The total revenue for all Ultimate Team modes across EA Sports catalogue. With Ultimate Team appearing in FIFA, Madden, NHL, NBA and UFC so many games.

Ultimate Team accounts for 29 per cent of EA Sports. Total income and has risen considerably year on year, with the games mode taking in $775m+ (£550m) back in 2017.

In its annual report, EA Sports confirmed the figures. Stated that the majority of The Ultimate Team revenue comes from FIFA:

“Our most popular live service is the content purchased for the Ultimate Team mode associated with our sports franchises.

“The Ultimate Team allows player to collect current and former professional players in order to build and compete as a personalized team-wise. well great EA Sports to the games aslo.

“Net revenue from extra content sales for The Ultimate Team was $1,491+ million, $1,369+ million and $1,180 million+ during fiscal years 2020, 2019 and 2018, respectively, a substantial portion of which was derived from The FIFA Ultimate Team.”

How much money does FIFA make from the FIFA video game?

For the first time in history, The world football’s governing body FIFA made more money from video gaming than from football in 2020.

FIFA’s financial statement for 2020 indicates that over half of its revenue for the year came from licensing rights.

In 2020, FIFA made $158.9m+ from licensing rights and had total revenue of $266.5m +.
Part of the reasons for this Biggest percentage for the year was a decline in other income due to the coronavirus pandemic, with FIFA confirming this in its official revenue statement:

“Due to the lack of tournament played in 2020, the sale of licensing rights, amounting to USD 159millions+, produced the lion’s share of the revenue generated and was a significant 24% over budget.

“A FIFA key source of revenue in the licensing rights area was brand licensing for a video game. In contrast to the many economic sectors that was drastically affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the video game industry proved far more resilient to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

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