How Much Lionel Messi net Worth

A footballer of such high potential and class, speculations of Lionel Messi net worth surrounds the internet like crazy. Moreover, he is on the list of the world’s highest-paid athletes of the year 2023. However, our researchers at Sportszion after comparing various sources. Make an estimated calculation of Leo’s net worth to be around $600 million.

How much lionel Messi worth

How Much Lionel Messi net Worth  Salary:

Lionel Messi signed with PSG on a free transfer deal. He signed a two-year contract with a third-year option. PSG will pay him a net salary of $41 annually. Forbes reported that the player will also get a cut of player image rights, including jersey sales which will boost his annual income up to the $75 million range.

Lionel Messi net worth when FC Barcelona’s 2017 contract with Messi is about to come to an end in June 2023. As per the contract deal, it fetches Leo $168 million+ as base salary. Furthermore, he has received a signing bonus of around $59.6 million. Now, Lionel is set to have his contract undergo a renewal process. How much is lionel Messi worth

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Lionel Messi net Worth Deals:

Lionel Messi net Worth

The top brands in the market at present have Leo associated with them as an endorsee. He reportedly earns around $40 million only out of his endorsements. Adidas is his primary sponsor and he has had a lifetime endorsement deal with the company since 2006. He is also their leading brand ambassador and used to have his signature collection of Adidas boots. That was Lionel Messi’s Car Collections: active in the market for a long span of time.

Net Worth Lionel messi Businesses:

The owner of a few lucrative businesses. Leo partnered with Jacob & Co. in the year 2016 to launch. Release a series of high-end watches inspired by Messi.  Furthermore, he also founded The Lionel Messi Clothing Line in the year 2019.

Net Worth Lionel messi Luxurious Mansions:

The huge net worth possessed by Leo. Also finds himself as the owner of a number of exquisite mansions. And he has a decent taste when it comes to houses. Messi owns a few of the best ones in the market. He purchased an old house for a value of 1.5 million in Castelldefels, Barcelona in the year 2009.

Then he renovated it as per his choices. This villa boasts features such as a swimming pool and a small football pitch and playground. The interiors are fine-tuned to the core of the Mediterranean style. It also includes a gym at indoors for training and workout purposes.

Net Worth Lionel messi Car Collections:

Leo happens to be the proud owner of some of the classiest hot rods available. All around the world. He is said to own more than 10 cars and Messi’s collection. All of the cars happen to be a majorly noteworthy one.