Why messi leave Barcelona within one day? what is the reason? who plays games?

Why messi leave Barcelona?
Leonal Messi with PSG Jersey on hand.

“If Messi was not greedy for money, he would have played for free in Barcelona” (read the full post).

Have you ever thought that the two captains of the biggest rival team in the world will play together?
Many people think that it is not possible to see Ramos and Messi in one club in life.

Neymar Jr. makes this impossible possible.

Ramos was the first to talk about Neymar. After that dear friend Barca Messi. Although Neymar offered Messi the number 10 jersey for his friend, Messi said he would wear the number 19 jersey he played for Barcelona early in his career. On August 10, PSG authorities booked the Eiffel Tower in France. Maybe to welcome Messi.

Why messi leave Barcelona?

PSG is doing what is not possible for any club in the world. Where a Messi from a club like Barcelona has the ability to pay 10 million even if his salary is reduced by 50%, where Messi is being brought about four times his salary of 35 million euros. Four of the five highest-paid footballers in the world will play for the same club.

Can you imagine this? Neymar – 36 million. Messi – 35/40 million. Mbappe will also receive a salary equal to CR7 30 million euros from this season. And Ramos will pay 18 million salaries.

At present, what PSG can do is not possible for any club in the world. Before Messi this season, PSG bought Ramos from Real Madrid, Donnarumma, the best player in the Euro Cup from Italy, Hakimi from Inter Milan for 70 million euros, Netherlands captain Georginio from Liverpool and Messi Loading. In a word, PSG 7 will rule in club football.