Most international goals Messi or Ronaldo

The contribution in the attack of both players to their national teams is very similar. In the case of Messi with a higher percentage of assists, and in the case of Cristiano Ronaldo with a higher percentage of goals scored.

Cristiano Ronaldo versus Lionel Messi? Messi international goals?

The contribution in the attack of both players to their national teams is very similar. Messi with a higher percentage of assists. Cristiano Ronaldo with a higher percentage of goals scored. Now we are looking for who is best messi international goals, Messi or Ronaldo.


Messi’s third career red card and first at club level came on 17 January 2023. In the 3-2 Spanish Super Cup final loss against Athletic Bilbao, Messi walked after VAR spotted him lashing out against Asier Villalibre.

Ronaldo has been sent off 11 times in his career. Once for Juventus, six times for Real Madrid and four times for Manchester United. Most international goals Messi or Ronaldo.

Ronaldo has scored more club goals than Messi. But only just and it should be noted that the Juventus star benefits from having played two more seasons than his Argentine nemesis thus far.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Each of them has remarkably netted over 670 club goals in their career so far, with the five seasons between 2009-10 and 2014-15 proving particularly golden as they pushed each other to greater heights.

While Ronaldo currently has more goals overall, Messi has the edge in the scoring department, with a higher season average (39.5 to 35), having hit a high of 73 goals in 2011-12.

Ronaldo’s highest season return was 61, which he achieved in 2014-15 and he surpassed the 50-goal mark every season for six years between 2010-11 and 2015-16.

Most international goals Messi or Ronaldo

Interestingly, while Ronaldo’s seasonal totals have declined somewhat in recent years – he failed to break the 30-goal mark in 2018-19 during his first season at Juventus – Messi’s have remained consistent.

Cristiano Ronaldo versus Lionel Messi?

As we can see, Leo Messi generates, counting goals and assists, 0.81goals per game. If we calculate the average FIFA ranking of all the teams he has faced, the result is #36.

Cristiano Ronaldo, counting goals and assists, generates 0.79goals per game, against statistically weaker teams. The average FIFA Ranking of his opponents is #51 Most international goals, Messi or Ronaldo.

Finally, in official games. Leo Messi generates, counting goals and assists, 0.71goals per game. The average FIFA Ranking of his opponents in official matches is #35.

Cristiano Ronaldo, counting goals and assists, generates 88 goals per official match.

Against teams that. Once again, are statistically weaker than those of Leo Messi. (average FIFA ranking 50)


The fact that Messi creates so many goals as well as scoring them. A major consideration when deciding.

That player is the GOAT and while Ronaldo chips in with his fair share. The difference in this particular realm is clear.

Finally, in official matches, again most of their matches are against TOP75 teams, and again we can see that 

Cristiano Ronaldo plays a significant number of official matches against lower-level teams. This is mainly due to the fact that in European Championship Qualifiers he will get the award.

Cristiano Ronaldo has played 21 official matches against the teams of Andorra, Azerbaijan, Northern Ireland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania and Luxembourg, FIFA Ranking is lower than 100.

While Leo Messi has only played 2 official matches against teams against Bolivia. In these matches, Cristiano Ronaldo has added 27 goals to his account.

Most international goals Messi or Ronaldo

International careers (friendly and competitive matches)

  • Ronaldo: 109 goals and 32 assists in 179 appearances for Portugal 
  • Messi: 76 goals and 46 assists in 151 appearances for Argentina 
  • Hat-tricks: Ronaldo 9; Messi 6
  • International goal ratio: Ronaldo 0.61; Messi 0.50
  • Penalties: Ronaldo 14 (6 missed); Messi 18 (4 missed)

All-time career (club and country, but excluding club friendlies)

  • Ronaldo: 783 goals and 226 assists in 1,073 appearances 
  • Messi: 748 goals and 315 assists in 929 appearances 
  • Hat-tricks: Ronaldo 57; Messi 54
  • Career goal ratio: Ronaldo 0.73; Messi 0.81
  • Penalties: Ronaldo 139 (27 missed); Messi 100 (29 missed)

Club career (excluding friendlies)

  • Ronaldo: 674 goals and 194 assists in 894 appearances 
  • Messi: 672 goals and 268 assists in 778 appearances 
  • Hat-tricks: Ronaldo 48; Messi 48
  • Club goal ratio: Ronaldo 0.76; Messi 0.86
  • Penalties: Ronaldo 125 (21 missed); Messi 82 (25 missed)

2020-2023 final club statistics

  • Messi (for Barcelona): 38 goals, 12 assists, 47 appearances, 1 red card
  • Ronaldo (for Juventus): 36 goals, 5 assists, 44 appearances

2019-2020 final club statistics 

  • Messi (for Barcelona): 31 goals, 25 assists, 44 appearances 
  • Ronaldo (for Juventus): 37 goals, 5 assists, 46 appearances

2018-19 final club statistics

  • Messi (for Barcelona): 51 goals, 19 assists, 50 matches
  • Ronaldo (for Juventus): 28 goals, 10 assists, 43 matches

Having seen what kind of matches they play, and against what kind of opponents, we will see which teams they have scored goals against.

In the tables below you can see the first 10, and by pressing the lower button you can display the complete list.

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