Taylor: Is Catterall 'nasty'? | Row erupts off-camera


Josh Taylor continued his war of words with Jack Catterall on The Gloves Are Off as they left the TV set and removed their microphones.

Taylor and Catterall exchanged angry predictions for their fight on The Gloves Are Off, which is On Demand now, and will clash inside the ring on Saturday night, live on Sky Sports.

As they left the table at the end of the show, Taylor put his hands on his challenger’s shoulder and said: “If you’re going to try and out-box me, it will be an easy night.”

Catterall replied: “We’ll see.”

Undisputed super-lightweight champion Taylor had previously suggested that Catterall can’t match his “nasty streak”.

Catterall insisted that he also possesses viciousness: “Of course I have. I’ve had 26 fights and come through all of those tests.”

Taylor interrupted: “What tests?”

Catterall: “I’ve been British champion and beaten unbeaten opponents.”

Taylor: “So what tests? You haven’t got a chance of beating me.”

Catterall: “I don’t have to match his nasty streak. I’ll beat him just by being me.”

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Johnny Nelson says that he thinks Taylor is the best in his division and the world ahead of what promises to be an explosive fight against Catterall on Saturday

As tensions escalated, Taylor warned: “If it’s a boxing match, it’s a shut-out for me. If it’s a fight, you have no chance. If you meet me in the middle of the ring, you’re going to sleep.”

Catterall insisted: “That’s his downfall. He’s too hot-heated.

“I’m more controlled, and have more self-discipline, than you will ever know.”

Josh Taylor will defend his titles against Jack Catterall in Scotland on Saturday, live on Sky Sports Action from 7pm and from 8pm on Sky Sports Main Event.


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