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First time Player Unknown Battlegrounds ( PUBG) came in sight back in 2017. And this First-Person Shooter game genre rapidly moved to the mobile. Parent reviews for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG REVIEW)

In the PUBG game, you steer a hero who lands on one of the 99 islands to look for weapons, armament, and other equipment needed for the fight.

Gradually, the game map breaks down into smaller circles, and you have to group with other players to win ( there are other 99 players). In a nutshell, find the weapon and stay in your group. Simple as it is. But let’s find out if it is worth playing in this PUBG Mobile version.

You will recognize the PC version of the map there, the deserted military base, and the burnt nuclear plant. Also, the weapons, armament, and machinery were transferred to the mobile version. But since the map ‘Miramar’, this weaponry disappears. That is a definite disappointment.

Worth mentioning, it is a free game, and you can log in as a guest or play with your Facebook account. By logging in every day, you get additional points that you can use to upgrade your hero’s clothing. It is a nice bonus as you start without any available clothing.


The Mobile version of PUBG has pretty much all the features of its PC counterpart, with a few exceptions. The game only offers PUBG’s original map, Erangel — an abandoned, vaguely Eastern European 8km x 8km island.

Everything from the PC version of this map — from the abandoned military base to the burned out nuclear power plant — has made it to the Mobile version of the game.The mobile version of PUBG has pretty much all the features of its PC counterpart.

All the weapons, gear, and vehicles available when PUBG first exited Early Access are here too. The guns it’s added since are absent, as is the game’s second map, Miramar.pubg review gamespot.

The game is totally free. You can login as either a guest or with Facebook to play. Gameplay and daily login rewards will earn your account experience and battle points.

Which can be spent on crates that contain a random piece of clothing for your character. Unlike in the PC version, you don’t start with any available clothing, but getting at least a pair of pants doesn’t take too long.



I also experienced that it was fast and easy to join a team, but I noticed the problems concerning very common connections. Every time I played, at least one player of the team was disconnected at the beginning.

PUBG Mobile has a built-in voice chat room, which works well. But as most gamers use a phone’s speakers as a microphone, it can create some extra irritating noise whenever a player rubs a phone with a palm.pubg lite pc review.

GAMEPLAY pubg review

pubg lite pc review.

Controls in PUBG Mobile differ from the PC version. There is a virtual joystick to control the character’s actions, shootings, and camera. At first, it is not very convenient, but you get used to it after a few games.

There are a few new options to improve your experience. The floating shoot button makes it easier to play as it always goes to your thumb’s last touch — no need to grasp the gun every time you need it. Rebuild the hand, and anything will be automatically gathered, arranged, and adjusted into the game. This option gets rid of annoying menu control. Also, there are few gyroscopic control options which many people enjoy using. But still, the experience of using the game feels awkward, and it affects the overall gameplay.

In the PC version with its wide-open map, mouse, and keyboard, it is easier to find a place for a sniper to precisely shoot the enemies.

pubg lite pc review

It got more difficult to permanently target people at a distance in the PUBG Mobile, because of mid-and close-range game engagements. But automatic weapons, as well as machinery, are notably more powerful here.

Performance pubg review

What makes PUBG a pretty good-looking game on PC is more or less missing in the Mobile version. The lighting and particle effects that really sell the game’s look have all been pretty much stripped out, and probably for good reason. Those kinds of elements can be pretty demanding for hardware.

The result is a pretty bland-looking recreation. The terrain, characters, and weapons all look more or less the same as the PC version, just with muddier, lower-resolution textures.

The PUBG Mobile is not as beautiful visually as on the PC counterpart. It lacks light and particle effects of the game, and perhaps it happened for a purpose. These elements of the game can be pretty challenging for some hardware.

The maps, heroes, and weapons all look pretty similar to the PC version, but in a very moving, low-resolution format.

Regular gameplay mostly runs fine, but the audio could be better. It is almost impossible to get this information in the mobile version despite the importance of listening to the guns and footsteps of the enemy in the PC version. No matter if it was 10 or 25 feet from me, the steps of an enemy were all the same.

What the PUBG Mobile misses is the tension of not knowing where your next enemy will be when you reach the middle of the map. It happens because of the inclusion of the bots at the elementary level. That makes a different shooter experience than most games.


pubg lite pc review

You don’t need to be as calculating to go far in PUBG Mobile. Part of that is due to the inclusion of bots at early levels, which let you get used to the game’s controls without being totally exposed to its normally rather punishing difficulty. Even then, the game’s imprecise controls make for a looser, less tense experience. I think that’s a shame.

What really makes PUBG great on PC is the tension of having to methodically make it to the middle of the map as you alternate between cat and mouse, never knowing where the next enemy will pop up.

It’s a very different kind of shooter experience than most games, and a lot of that is missing in PUBG Mobile.PUBG Mobile is fun, but it’s not very tense.

PUBG Mobile is fun, but it’s not as tense as its PC counterpart. The stakes feel lower, and it misses out on a lot of what makes the PC version of the game so special — In essence, it feels a little hollow.

PUBG has gotten numerous updates and improvements since it launched. PUBG Mobile has received a similar treatment with a number of major updates to the game, including the new Sanhok map.

You can keep up with the new updates on our official patch notes page. Also, be aware that some markets can download PUBG Mobile Lite, a version of the game that can run on lower-end or older smartphones.

If you’re looking for a new mobile shooter, you could do a lot worse than PUBG Mobile. The game is all there, it works, and it’s free. But if you want the same strategic, nail-biting experience of the PC version, you may be a little disappointed. 

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