Chelsea vs Liverpool: Carabao Cup Last End result Predictions

Chelsea vs Liverpool: Carabao Cup Final Result Predictions

Chelsea meet Liverpool at Wembley on Sunday in the 2023/22 Carabao Cup final. The competition will represent the capital’s best chance of clinching a third silver coin of the season after winning the European Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup earlier in the season. However, it will be the toughest test for Thomas Tuchel’s side so far as Liverpool head south in a stinging hot form. The Reds returned to the Premier League to reduce the gap between them and Manchester City to only three points. All the while, their opponents find themselves in a world of their own in third place.

The two scores between the two teams this season mean that the Blues have a much better chance of getting a result compared to a lot of players. They controversially tied 1-1 at Anfield, despite having only 10 men in the entire half, before tying again at Stamford Bridge (2-2) later in the season. Aside from Ben Chilwell, the world champions look decent across the board for the first time in months. It will be a very open competition, but unlike the other two matches played between the English giants this season, this one should result in a full-time winner.

Here’s how The Pride of London sees the Carabao Cup Final:

Gabi Henderson: 2-1 Chelsea

I think the Blues beat Liverpool twice this season, even though both games ended in a draw. They’ll be up for the job under the fading sunlight at Wembley Stadium. Tuchel shocks some people with his team selection, and it pays off in the end, and the substitute – whether it’s Romelu Lukaku or someone off the bench – grabs the winner after the Reds equalized late through Mohamed Salah. Chelsea lift their third title cut this season and turn their attention to fourth place in the UEFA Champions League format.

Ululuwa Nobudu: 1-0 Chelsea

Just win. Please win.

Barrett Rowan: 1-1 draw (Chelsea won with pens.)

I don’t think we’re actually that good but we’re playing for Liverpool. I have a feeling Tommy T has something up his sleeve so we’ll see some tactical decisions to get rid of Klopp early. We go first because of that but Liverpool are falling behind the Blues. Kiba hero.

Anthony Gatt: 1-1 draw (Chelsea won 5-4 on the pens).

Two draws already this season against Liverpool, so why not another? This time, Chelsea beat Liverpool and win the Carabao Cup after a penalty shootout.

Kevin Peacock: 2-0 Chelsea

This final is all about Kiba, at least it was three days ago. With Abramovich moving to one side for the club, he has once again proven how much he respects Chelsea, the fans and the community surrounding Stamford Bridge. Of course, for everyone else, the Russian adds to the hatred. As for the game, I can only expect to win. Kepa to be champion – one way or another – with the League Cup suddenly becomes irrelevant as the Blues collect more titles.

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